What makes people happy? Which factors are needed to sustain a happiness of ordinary person? There are no right answers for these questions. For example, OECD Better Life Index suggests happiness is constituted by a quality of the following criteria: – Housing – Income – Jobs – Community – Education – Environment – Civic Engagement – Health – Life Satisfaction – Safety – Work-Life Balance

However, even though this topic has recently become a research subject of numerous psychologists and sociologists and there is an impressive number of all kinds of theories being introduced on a regular basis, complicated and multi-faceted nature of human beings in many cases renders any scientific conclusions questionable. Every result is arguably highly dependent on:
1) cultural context (people who live in France and have European mentality may well define happiness differently from those who live in Peru, for example)
2) geography (in Russia an idea of happiness of a Moscow resident is likely to vary from an idea of a Vladivostok one, despite they share the same homeland)

The aim of this blog is to explore and outline possible reasons for what makes people in various cities happy and if there is any special formula of happiness unique to every place.

How is it possible to come up with something like a happiness recipe when I have just listed all these obstacles for precise investigation above? The key is that I do not endeavor to create a universal or even national theory, rather I try to define happiness on a local level focusing precisely on the residents of a concrete city which I visit.

Every post is based on my own considerations and is entirely observational. I roam the streets, look around, discover cultural features and then identify factors which, in my opinion, lead happiness to grow and flourish or, otherwise, significantly reduce it.

My additional aspiration is to help you to devour the pulse of these amazing cities. I hope, my posts will motivate you to find your own happiness or borrow some ways of how to achieve it!

Thank you for being here.


      1. Thanks Tamara, it’s a whole new journey for my friend P and I. We are avid instagrammers. We haven’t blogged a lot in our lives. So we would love some critique from you! Thanks for your time 🙂


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