6 Reasons Behind Barcelona-made Happiness: ‘Why They Always Smile?’

‘Give me, again, the fairy tale grotto
with the portico-vaulting overhead.
Let me walk beneath the canted columns
of Gaudí’s rookery, spiral
along his crenelated Jerusalem
of broken tiles, crazy shields.
I think I’ll move into Gaudí’s dream
of recycled mesh, walk barefoot
on his flagstone tiles
inscribed with seaweed
and sacred graffiti
from pagan tombs.
O, Barcelona of chamfered corners!
And chimneys of cowled
warriors! From Gaudí’s Book
of Revelations, I invite the goblet
and the stone Mobius strip
to a tapas of grilled prawns and squid.
Gaudí’s book of Revelations’.

This how Robin Becker, an American poet and a Professor of English and Women’s Studies at Pennsylvania State University, described Barcelona when she visited it for the first time. Becker was amazed and deeply touched by nonpareil energy of
Barça, its rapid pulse, its enduring character full of joy, and its people’s amazing ability to be fond of everything that goes on around. Arguably exactly this invincible liveliness transcended by every square meter of Barcelona together with some cultural features and robustness of a city planning constitute the locals’ happiness. Here you find some interesting facts to look at:
Well, such a city as Barcelona just could not have appeared without creating its own unrepeatable traditions and celebrations! For example, on April 23 city celebrates Saint George’s Day which is an adorable alternative to Valentine’s Day: men give their mistresses roses in exchange for a kiss.


The city basks in flowers inspiring everyone who happens to live here. Not only romantics get to rule in Barcelona, it is always an excellent place for folks who have a sweet tooth: in the neighborhood of Gracia on Sant Medir Day (March 3) brightly clothed Catalans organize a morning parade during which they literally create a rain of candies.

Needless to say, this tradition remains one of the most loved by people, particularly by kids, the wisest of which even bring umbrellas so that they catch as many sweets as possible. Barcelona’s people are happy to express their Catalan spirit, satisfying their innate need for massive celebrations and keeping their traditions alive.
These guys who live in Barcelona do love to eat great food and do know how to make it. It is difficult to even suggest how many large food markets such as well-known Boqueria can be found in the city.

A variety of goods is bewildering: the locals can get whatever they want for their lunch table leaving even the most refined taste satisfied while all the products are fresh and of a very high quality. A lot of Catalonians love cooking, and, frankly, they seem to have mastered that art to a high extent as originality and creativity of some dishes are just incredible. For example, a dry old bread which we usually throw away, here will be turned into a culinary chef-d’oeuvre called Pa amb tomaquet. https://goo.gl/images/zRSuIy

However, those who are not that excited about stewing and frying will never starve as well: Barcelona is a home to 21 Michelin-starred restaurants such as El Bulli or Catalan Ferran Adria whilst the list of see creatures offered in a regular tappas bar is simply endless. https://goo.gl/images/e7nJed

That’s a hard to task to be unhappy when you have just filled your stomach with something really tasty, right?

Even though Barcelona is a large dynamic megapolis with crowded traffic and hundreds of people crossing the streets and using the roads, there is no problem to get from one place to another in time without any rush, and the reason behind is a pretty sound organization of public transport. It is highly convenient that you can move around in a variety of ways since Barcelona is likely to offer everything you can think of including cable cars, trains, subways, buses, taxis, funiculars, trams all of which are clean, cheap and very comfortable in exploitation. Another option for those who are not in the mood of spending time with other people is to take their bicycles. Bus Lane Barcelona - 5http://www.publictransport.barcelona/metro_bus_tram/tmb_city_bus/

Barcelona (and I don’t exaggerate) is virtually biking heaven: there is bicycle lanes and fleet all over the city so that people can enjoy their ride being completely safe and comfortable. Finally, Barcelona seems like it was designed in favor of pedestrians: people here know how to appreciate a good long walk along one of city’s numerous picturesque Ramblas enjoying a peaceful beauty of shady trees and resting if necessary on cute small benches built for public use. Thus, Barcelona is perfectly connected which leads its residents to view every transfer as an easy and joyful experience, and that obviously makes them happier.

It is very warm in Barcelona throughout a year with temperatures barely getting below +10 degrees Celsius. Moreover, there are beaches in the center of the city which practically stop operating only during the winter which means people can relax there even during their lunch break.


Soft Mediterranean sun, snowy sand breeze, and tender sea breeze… What else does anyone need for happiness?
Oh yes, nightlife in Barcelona is really off the charts. Frankly, if you love to party as the locals do, this spot is the ultimate. https://goo.gl/images/y0Jz11

Apart from an impressive choice of all kinds of nightclubs and discos, special fiestas start in the third week of August meaning that the city shining and decorated hosts 24-hours street parties lasting for a week. Summing up, there is no way for people here to stay depressed even if they have tried to.
Even if you don’t understand the works of Gaudi, you have to admit that they provide a kind of unique optimist energy. Barcelona’s architecture bears a significant imprint of Gaudi’s genius: there is magnificent Park Güell, majestic Sagrada Familia, and many other beautiful places such as Casa Batlló, La Pedrera, Casa Vicens, etc. barcelona-the-dragon-1500x850https://goo.gl/images/Dcn0Ie

Gaudi definitely adds to the manufacturing of a city’s playful rhythmic atmosphere which turns Barcelona into a magnificent place to live in.
In conclusion, Barcelona is a city that remembers but keeps going. It remembers its great son whose dreams grew alive from stone and mosaic and adopts innovative transport systems modernizing its roads and subways. It remembers how in the past it was fed by sea, son and trade taking care of its street markets and beaches, but allows new fancier restaurants to appear shining and attracting visitors. It never abandons its epic traditional celebrations which stem from its Catalonian heart, but it organizes outstanding weeklong parties following European fashionable passion about collective street fun. Barcelona is never behind. Combining inheritance and change – this is what its brand happiness is about.

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