5 Lessons To Learn From Zurich’s Experts: How They Grow Happiness

Zurich reminds of a one friendly smile. Whether you look at the hospital faces of the locals, visit cozy bellevues or impressive bridges, enjoy shining lights of the night city or smell the taste of Swiss specialties – you feel the warmth somewhere deep inside, somewhere in the bottom of your heart. It seems like if the city has been alive, it would have hugged you and kissed you as an old friend regardless of your wealth, your social status, your past and your present it just wants to spread its happiness around. Why are you so cheerful, Zurich?
Generally, national stereotypes do more harm than good, but this one is quite hopeful in understanding optimism and life energy of the locals. What is the first thing that comes to your mind as soon as one starts talking about the Swiss? Yeah, SWEETS!

It even sounds similar. We all know that Zurich chocolate is number one in the world. And this is absolute truth. Whether the locals like pralines, bitter chocolate or wafer rolls filled with chocolate cream, they can find everything in the city. Happiness is probably a possibility to sugar-coat daily routine with smooth, creamy and sensual chocolate which is so extraordinary good that it melts on your tongue once you leak it, isn’t it?
Zurich has an enormous choice of shops which would satisfy even the most refined tastes of its residents. Luxury goods, jewelry and boutiques are the main attraction on and around Bahnhofstrasse in the city centre. https://goo.gl/images/BdHrPC

Across the river Limmat in the Niederdorf, a pedestrian pathway in the old town area, find smaller boutiques and antique shops. Shopping malls are another extremely convenient options: Sihl City, Letzipark and Glatt have it all including both high street brands, restaurants and cinemas. https://goo.gl/images/MJK9rk

Happy people have the place to spend their money – at least, this is what Zurich story is about.
I have already stressed the importance of visual appeal of the place in determining the level of its residents’ happiness. Zurich can easily be used as a justification of this assumption as it scores very high when being assessed according to aesthetics’ criteria. https://goo.gl/images/pSZvZD

Zurich’’s picturesque Old Town not only looks like a peaceful paradise taken from Hobbit-like fairy-tale, but tells the city’s 3,500-year-old history on the Lindenhof, at Schipfe and in the Niederdörfli quarter. Magnificent towers of the Grossmünster, Wasserkirche and Fraumünster Churches amaze and evoke a feeling of national pride as well as reward with spectacular panorama the ones who climb to their tops. https://goo.gl/images/Jh0vep

Zurich inspires its people, fulfills them with its charm and calmness – paving the way for stable and durable happiness to come.
Those who live in Zurich like to move – literally. First of all, Zurich is known for hosting the largest techno-party in the world with 30 love mobiles, hundreds of DJs and seven stages around the Lake Zurich basin. https://goo.gl/images/egClBO

The Street Parade route which amounts to approximately 2.4 km in length starts at Utoquai in the Zürich neighborhood of Seefeld, from where it will head around the lakefront via Bellevue, Quaibrücke and Bürkliplatz, arriving at Hafendamm Enge at around 10 pm. https://goo.gl/images/5Bo9Va

Then crowds continue to party at the after-parties at Mythenquai, Bellevue, Bürkliplatz, Rentenanstalt and Limmatquai until midnight. When it comes to nightlife, Zurich also has it all providing its people with a full range of opportunities to have fun in countless bars, lounges high above rooftops or clubs full of featuring electronic, rock or experimental music. Happiness of Zurich stems from unforgettable available to its people all night long throughout a year.
The last but not the least factor in my list can be summed in one word – ‘cute’. Or being more precise – ‘cute animals’. Zurich has an amazing zoo which is regarded as one of the best in Europe being home to more than 350 animal species. https://goo.gl/images/SOhZJ4

A uniqueness of this place lies in the fact that it does not only allows people to enjoy beauty and diversity of nature, but actively promotes kind, responsible and caring attitude towards animals inculcating these values in its residents since their childhood. Nature is perceived as a beloved old friend – people feel the need, not the obligation to shield it. Zurich Zoo consists of several parts – Masoala Rainforest, Kaeng Krachan Park, Aquarium, Mongolian Steppe and Pantanal – where visitors can find creatures of all types and sizes. https://goo.gl/images/VkjcVL

The oldest and the most favorite resident is Nigrita, a Galapagos giant turtle. She is around 80 years old and has been living at the zoo since 1946. As far as kids are concerned, they are particularly excited about Zoolino where little guests can guests not only see pygmy goats, pigs and other domestic and farm animals, but also feed and stroke them. https://goo.gl/images/dzl656

Zurich Zoo serves as an ambassador building a bridge between humans and nature and invigorating its residents attempts to preach environmental values – this almost spiritual awareness and a sense of belonging to something great, wild and primordial arguably makes one happier.

In conclusion, Zurich as every, perhaps, German-speaking city has developed its own detailed, verified and perfectly functioning strategy of making the locals happy. People who live here are granted with anything they can think of while the quality and range of the goods and services offered are off the charts.

Crucially, those from Zurich value what they have no matter that they have always enjoyed this prosperity – this is one of the explanations behind unique positive energy daily ‘produced’ be the city in industrially large quantities. This spirit is not simply being achieved, but is carefully cultivated, perfected and maintained reinforcing a self-perpetuating and lasting cycle of ever-increasing happiness.

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