My name is Toma Volozhanina, and I am a Russian student of International Affairs and Communications at John Cabot University in Rome. Traveling is my great passion, second only to my love of writing. A combination of these things is something that makes every day worth living. I believe that every place is unique, and I always try to reckon why. The purpose of this travel blog created for COM 221, Spring 2017 class with professor Christopher Livesay , is to discover what makes people in the cities I’ve visited happy. Every post is focused on a particular city. I roam the streets, look around, discover cultural features and then identify ingredients which, in my opinion, have to be in mix if happiness is to put down roots and blossom. The fact that I have grown up and continue to live in multicultural environment has taught me to appreciate and respect the amazing heterogeneity of our world, being on the constant lookout for rare cultural features, exclusive details and striking phenomena.

This e-portfolio features the assignments I’ve completed for this class, aiming to enhance my ability to run a professional blog – a PSA, a radio podcast script and a press kit.

Treatment: This PSA shows a young girl suffers from Anorexia depicting the rapid development of the eating disorder and dramatic changes in her behavior. Separate shots reflect how the girl isolates herself from social life, conducts inadequate physical activity, and either starves or gets rid of what she has eaten. She regularly posts her photos of her emaciated body on Instagram which becomes her source of inspiration. A powerful song on behalf of Anorexia plays throughout the video and explains what the girl feels and how harmful the consequences will be. Finally, a female voice presents the data about deaths caused by Anorexia and calls people to take a strong stance.


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Logline: Happiness Destinations Podcast discovers the reasons behind the Parisians’ delight and gets you to feel the pulse of the City of Dreams, providing a live interview, a review and an editorial.

Treatment: Happiness Destinations Podcast consists of three segments. First, the podcast features a live interview with Zoé, a random Parisian chosen on the street, asking her to explain what makes her happy. Secondly, its special guest, Viktor Sobra Delseny, a JCU student who has apartments in Paris, reviews Foire du Trône, traditional spring funfair that brightens everyday reality of the locals and fosters families’ unity. Finally, the podcast discusses valuable implications of a new photo exhibition ‘Fatherhood without cliches’ organized by Institute Suedois, highlighting its role in tackling social stereotypes regarding ‘home husbands’.

The deliberate use of music stimulates imagination and creates necessary atmosphere.


Press Kit

Logline: A press kit created by an influential blogger co-organizing Well Over Fifty Festival to promote Jeffrey D. Sachs’ lecture on declining American happiness taking place within this festival in Budva and get coverage by The New York Times.

Treatment: This press kit starts with a cover letter written by an influential blogger co-organizing Well Over Fifty Festival and is addressed to The New York Times Foreign Affairs’ editor. It aims to promote Jeffrey D. Sachs’ lecture on declining American happiness at Hotel Slovenska Plaža in Budva, Montenegro. A press release serves as a helpful summary of the event, a background information and additional information sheets provide a deeper insight into the topic while an explanation paper discusses the aims and the strategies applied.